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Plotter Machine
Plotters are high technology printing machines used in a large number of industries. These printing machines are used to print CADD drawings and special graphic applications. Plotters are apt for high precision engineering drawings and make use of plotting vectors for printing. Printing on a plotter can however, be time consuming as it takes time to set the entire machine.

Types of Plotters

  • Pen Plotters
  • Ink-Jet plotters
  • Laser Plotters
  • Electrostatic Plotters
Use of Plotters
Plotters are widely used to print posters, banners, information sheets in varying length and width. Packaging industry, automobiles, digital printing market make extensive use of plotters for quality printing and high precision cutting.

Advantages of a Plotter

These printing machines work with the help of a computer, minimizing errors and require less manual interference. Some of the advantages are:
  • Color accuracy
  • High Speed
  • High Precision cutting

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