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J H Bertrand Inc


J H Bertrand Inc

Pamphlets With Double Coated Tape

New york

A Quality Product from
J H Bertrand Inc [View Profile]
New York - United States

Description :
An offset printed booklet, pamphlet or single sheet with one or multiple strips of double coated or transfer tape adhesive. The booklet or pamphlets are shipped as individual pieces for manual application. Quick peel liners expose adhesive for fast application. Can tape sizes as small as 1" x 1". Resealable feature available. Lots of creative choices for the printed piece--blind emboss, foil stamp, 4 color process, textured papers, special varnishes, simple die cut shapes. Very flexible, yet nicely priced!

Comments: Add a strip of tape to your pamphlet, booklet or single sheet and you have a copy expansion product. We can add a strip of double coated tape to almost any size piece. Very economical in all quantities.

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J H Bertrand Inc

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of copy expanding label systems, used for a wide variety of consumer and business-to-business products. - Booklet Labels - Short Run Booklet Labels - Mega Labels - Data-Neckers - Outserts On Rolls - paper hang tags - short run foldout labels - Economy Encapsulations - pamphlets and booklets with double coated tape - coupon constructions - Foldout Labels - Extended Content Labels

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