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TECHNICAL Industrial Co., Ltd.


TECHNICAL Industrial Co., Ltd.

Four Colours Pad Printing Machine (PRK4C165 (TIC153SC))

Hong kong

A Quality Product from
TECHNICAL Industrial Co., Ltd. [View Profile]
Hong Kong - United States

Description :
Four colours automatic pad printer with closed ink system and conveyor. Customers can select LCD display, hot air blowing system and pad cleaning device.

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TECHNICAL Industrial Co., Ltd.

We are manufacturer and exporter of following high quality pad- and screen-printing machines. 1)Padprinting Machines Model:-TIC 201 SCTIC 196 STIC 195 STIC 194 STIC 192 STIC 191 STIC 190 STIC 189 STIC 176 HTIC 188 STIC 182 SCTIC 163 STIC 181 STIC 301 SCETIC 177 HTIC 203 STIC 204 STIC 302 STIC 303 STIC 403 SCTIC 404 STIC 501 SCTIC 184 STIC 183 STIC 162 STIC 181 S 2)Screen Printing Machines Model:-SCF 260F 300SCF 500SCF 550SFT 260SF 1000SCF 160 ASF 200HSF 320HSCF 160BSC 800SF 800SFT 800SF2 220 3)Hot Stamping Machine Model:-HSA-1015HSA-1218 4)Special Designed Machine Model:-Golf bal printer 5)Export Models Model:-SCF 550 ETIC 183 SCETIC 301 SCESCF 260 ETIC 161 SCETIC 177HETIC 176 HESCF 300 ETIC 121 SCE 6)Accessories Model:-Precision Electronic Pocket ScaleGolf ball JigPlatemaker EUV 400VPlatemaker EUV 600VPlatemaker EUV 1000V 7)Consumables Model:-TP-1TP-2TP-3TP-4TP-5TP-6TP-7TP-8TP-9TP-10TP-11TP-12TP-13TP-14TP-15TP-16TP-17TP-18TP-19TP-20TP-21TP-22TP-23TP-24TP-25TP-26TP-27TP-28TP-29TP-30TP-31TP-32TP-33TP-34TP-35TP-36TP-37TP-38TP-39TP-40TP-41TP-42TP-43TP-44TP-45TP-46TP-47TP-48TP-49TP-50TP-51TP-52TP-53TP-54TP-55TP-56TP-57TP-58TP-59TP-60TP-61TP-62TP-63TP-64TP-65TP-66TP-67TP-68TP-69TP-70TP-71TP-72TP-73TP-74TP-75TP-76TP-77TP-78TP-79TP-80 8)One-Color Padprinting Machines Model:-TIC-175HTIC-176HTIC-177HTIC 121SCTIC-131SCTIC-141SCDTIC-151SCDTIC-161SCTIC-163STIC-166SCTIC-181STIC-182STIC-185SDTIC-195SDTIC-201SCTIC-403SCDTIC-501SCTIC-502SC 9)Two-Color Padprinting Machines Model:-TIC-122TIC-132TIC-137TIC-142TIC-152TIC-162STIC-183TIC-184TIC-188TIC-190STIC-194TIC-203TIC-309TIC-310S 10)Three-Color Padprinting Machines Model:-TIC-133TIC-134TIC-189TIC-199 11)Four-Color Padprinting Machines Model:-TIC-143TIC-144TIC-153TIC-154TIC-157TIC-186TIC-187TIC-192TIC-193TIC-204TIC-206TIC-301TIC-311TIC-401TIC-402TIC-406 12)Multi-Color Padprinting Machines Model:-TIC-145TIC-146TIC-147TIC-155TIC-156TIC-158TIC-159TIC-191TIC-196TIC-197TIC 198TIC 302STIC 303STIC 304STIC 305STIC 404STIC 405S.

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