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Kiwi Coders Corporation


Kiwi Coders Corporation

Kiwi Coders Series 450 and 460 Case Coders


A Quality Product from
Kiwi Coders Corporation [View Profile]
Wheeling - United States

Description :
Kiwi Coders Series 450 and 460 Case Coders- Rugged, Simple, Adaptable:
The Kiwi Coders Corporation Series 450 and 460 case coders are literally the workhorses of the case marking world. Their rugged construction (with cast metal bodies) makes them virtually indestructible, while the simplicity of their friction-driven operation keeps them running cost-effectively for long periods of time.

These coders are designed to mark cases on top, side or bottom, depending on the positioning of the unit. Three choices of type mounting are offered: channelock D, held securely by plastic channels; baselock, held by interlocking plastic fingers; and adhesive-backed or Magflex (magnetic-backed) mats, which hold multi-line copy as well as logos and graphic designs. All mount securely and can be quickly adjusted for print location in 1/4-inch increments without tools.

The most useful feature of the Series 450 and 460 coders has proved to be the quick-change marking wheel . A twist of the locking knob allows the wheel to be removed and another?preset with new print data?mounted and aligned with the splined hub.

The Series 450 orbit line includes Models 451, 452 and 453, featuring maximum print area heights of 7/8, 2 and 3-1/8 inches, respectively. These coders can be positioned above, below or alongside the conveyor line as required. Their low profile allows them to be installed in restricted spaces, and allows them to print to within 7/8" of a carton's bottom. The companion Series 460 front and side coder line, mounted on a pivoting arm, will mark cartons on the front panel and one adjacent panel, pivoting as the case passes.

Kiwi offers three inking systems for both the 450 and 460 Series coders. The K1 cartridge is pre-inked, giving more impressions and requiring fewer cartridge changes. The K7 is also a pre-inked cartridge, but is designed for longer life. It can either be re-inked or disposed of. These cartridges are available in black, red, green and blue inks. The K6 is designed for use with pigmented inks, and is not supplied pre-inked. Inks available are yellow, white, orange and silver, all available for either absorbent or non-absorbent surfaces.

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Kiwi Coders Corporation

Manufacturers of advanced, cost-effective coding, printing and transport Case Coders, Ink Jet, Fast Dry Recipricating Coder, Carton/Sheet Printers, Flexographic Printers, Carton/Bag Transports

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